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Dec 19, 2011 12:00pm EST
) >> genevieve: (sighs) >> nick: well, i guess i don't have to worry about you being able to handle malloy. >> phyllis: oh. oh, i'm sorry. this isn't what it appears to be. >> ronan: (chuckles) >> nick: really? >> phyllis: yeah. >> nick: 'cause it appears to me that you guys are... having sex. >> ronan: okay, listen, i know you didn't come here to give your ex a hard time about seeing me. >> phyllis: yeah, and--and which would be very, very funny, considering that you are having sex with my sister. >> nick: (sighs) i came here to speak to malloy. >> ronan: okay then, what's it about? 'cause i'm assuming it's not fantasy football advice. >> nick: my father's about to reenter his guilty plea in court, and i really don't think my dad killed diane. >> phyllis: neither do we. >> ronan: (sighs) >> phyllis: we're actually working together to find out who the real murderer was in the park that night. >> nick: have you come up with anything that could prove he's not telling the truth? >> ronan: i haven't. i'm sorry. and as of right now, i have nothing that's gonna stop your father's guilty plea fro
Dec 21, 2011 12:00pm EST
. >> sharon: okay, fine, then i'll go. >> nick: (sighs) [ sighs ] i wish there were an easy way. woohoo! why put up with drips? gimme that. let's foam in those tones and highlights. [ gigi ] try nice 'n easy colorblend foam. get permanent dimensional color in a drip-free delight! oooohh! [ gigi ] our foam penetrates hair and locks in color. for tones and highlights that last. drips? dropped! grays? gone! why put up with drips when there's foam at your fingertips. [ gigi ] try nice 'n easy colorblend foam. no other foam color lasts longer. [ female announcer ] from the color experts at clairol. just unroll it fill top bake and present. that must have taken you forever! it was really tough. make a pie with pillsbury tonight. simple relief is here. introducing robitussin® nasal relief pills. the right relief for nasal a pill. ♪ new from robitussin®. relief made simple. how about the beat of a healthy heart? campbell's healthy request soup is delicious, and earned this heart, for being heart healthy. ♪ feel the beat? it's amazing what soup can do. [ gasp ] [ mom ] my husban
Dec 23, 2011 12:00pm EST
mother was killed in a car wreck when you were little. your father was abusive. >> nick reed: you're my little girl, and you'll always be good enough for me, see, just like i know that i'll always be good enough for you, won't i, nikki? see? (table hits wall) >> nick reed: because you love me. (figurine breaking) >> nikki: yeah, well, i don't talk about that. i don't even think about that. i haven't in years. >> angel: i understand it's painful, nikki, but it's part of who you are. >> nikki: how do you know my name? >> angel: i've known everything about you since the day you were born. >> nikki: you are right about my childhood. i... i made every wrong choice a kid could make. >> angel: no, you were just trying to find your way. >> nikki: my big sister didn't have any trouble. casey's a doctor. >> nikki: while she was busy... (sighs) getting an education and helping people, what was i doing? >> casey: how many times, nikki, have i... believed in you? how many times have i given you credit? had faith in you? (voice breaking) and how many times have you let me down? >> casey: i think it's
Dec 22, 2011 12:00pm EST
spending time with faith. have you seen nick? >> michael: hmm. >> phyllis: oh, i just wanted to warn him. >> daniel: actually-- >> michael: oh. >> lauren: (clears throat) >> genevieve: aw. >> esther: oh, oh, my. we're gonna need emergency hair spray and bobby pins. i'll be right back. >> jill: well, i'll say one thing for her-- if her head spins off and flies across the room, she'll at least match the color scheme. >> murphy: (laughs) >> billy: okay, the estrogen meter has just flown off the charts. >> murphy: whoa. well, maybe we should wait for you ladies at the church. >> delia: daddy, wait! >> billy: okay. >> delia: close your eyes. >> billy: closed. who turned out the lights? >> jill: (laughs) >> kay: okay, open up. >> jill: (gasps) aw. >> kay: aw. >> billy: ooh, yeah! >> jill: oh, wow. oh! (laughing) >> murphy: pretty little-- >> billy: baby girl, you are just the prettiest flower girl in the history of history. >> victoria: but wait, there's more! >> kay: oh, no, no. >> murphy: hubba hubba! >> jill: oh, you look lovely, victoria. >> victoria: you like? >> billy: it's okay. >> deli
Dec 19, 2011 12:01am PST
with the staff's and with the leadership of nick in defining the scale of the project, raising the necessary funds for it. also, key decision making points such as the visual logo, which you see here today. i have to share a story about the logo. after the meeting when i came home, i had a bunch of different ideas that we had been discussing at home. jerry said to me, do you realize this is the symbol in math for all? apparently he was the only one who had been paying attention in math class. i said, is that true? it just felt right. that is when the going really hit the mark. we thought that this was really the right logo for us. today, i want to again invite everybody to our new asian. we promised it will be all- inclusive plan and offer you something to be awakened and inspired about. >> thank you. first, it has been a real pleasure and privilege to work with the museum, with such a clear vision, bold vision. it is a dream plan situation for a company like wolff olins to work with the asian art museum. the journey started in january of last year where we did extensive research with the mu
Dec 20, 2011 12:00pm EST
to vote yet. you feel okay? >> michael: huh? uh... victor does not want me to push nick to be appointed as c.e.o. i'm afraid that he has some plan that involves... adam taking over. >> lauren: oh, please. victor knows we've got math in our favor. nick, victoria, and i are gonna vote for nicholas, and with seven board members, we only need one member as the swing vote to win. (chuckles) and here comes "mr. swing" now. tucker. >> tucker: hey. >> lauren: it's so good to see you. >> tucker: good to see you. >> jack: well, aren't you looking spiffy for the big vote? uh, the newman board of directors is selecting a new c.e.o. today. adam here is in the running. >> genevieve: hmm. >> adam: almost sounds like you want me to win, jack, not your former stepson. why is that? >> jack: well, i'm not exactly waving the adam flag, but i am in full support of economic growth and development. >> adam: as long as it benefits you and jabot, right? >> jack: especially then. >> adam: see you later, jack. >> genevieve: that was interesting. >> jack: that arrogant s.o.b. has burned me more than once. >> genev
Dec 27, 2011 9:00am PST
, right? >> it's santa, nick. santa knows everything. >> there is one last message that santa wanted to deliver to everyone on the plane. he wants to remind everybody to recover some of our childhood innocence and start believing that anything and everything is possible. >> what a great message. i bet this changed so many christmass for so many people. >>> it's another one of those crazy, knock down the doors shopping videos. but this is no walmart. >> saks new york. saks new york. >> we'll show you what happened at -- >> saks new york. saks new york! >> yeah, that place. >>> this guy shows up at your house. what is he? >> he didn't seem too friendly. he was kind of pissy. >> bad attitude, red coat, something of a mask. what is he? >>> nick, if you had 10,000 cups, what would you do with them? >> a giant beer party. >> joshua, aka, the computer nerd, he took 10,000 cups and in 18 hours, filled his entire garage. >> what do you do with all of these cups afterwards? how much did it cost to buy all of these plastic cups? 10,000 plastic cups isn't cheap. >> he does do all of kinds of vid
Dec 23, 2011 2:40am PST
's robert krulwich with the tale of saint nick and the space nicks. >> 'twas on earth before christmas on a cold winter's night when a bright shimmering object popped into sight. each tiny reindeer had landed and pranced before saint nick at the chimney of york when suddenly in the heavens as quick as a wink a flying saucer shot by in a great burst of pink. electrons and protons measured the sky as the sound of sleigh bells followed it by. saint nick looked up and wondered and saw a pink pie. and when it crash landed he heard extreme sigh. he slid from the chimney to the rain spot below and looked from the roof to the ground full of snow. stuck to its waist with its feet in the was a strange purple creature with long purple hair. it rumbled and jumbled and spun from its lair. it picked up its hat and landed with care. the stranger wore a cap exactly as he and had a merry old face full of laughter and glee. who are you, santa said to this stranger so weird. but the creature said words that got stuck in his beard. saint nick wrinkled his brow and he shook his head. "i can't understand a
Dec 16, 2011 6:00pm PST
"bbc world news." >> simply unacceptable. the u.k.'s deputy prime minister nick clegg hits back at french criticism of the u.k. economy after the latest attack from their finance minister. accused of leaking classified documents to the website wikileaks, the american soldier bradley manning makes his first appearance in a military court. european police break a pita file ring ay stretching across 22 -- a ped feel ring across 2 countries. coming up a little later, the supreme court in the democratic republic of congo confirms joseph cabill oovings as the winner of last month's disputed election. japanese engineers is the nuclear plant is stable. hello, welcome once again. with the middle zone in the middle of a financial crisis, nick clegg has told the french prime minister that recent remarks about the british economy about his government are unacceptable, and that he should calm the rhetoric. french officials have been arguing that their country is in better economic shape than britain. here's gavin hewitt. >> for a second day, senior french ministers have been criticizing bri
Dec 5, 2011 12:00pm EST
you for doing business. >> nick: sure. (cell phone rings) >> nick: nick newman. hey, greg. what's up? >> billy: (giggles) >> nick: what? hey, can you guys turn on your tv? >> billy: yeah. >> nick: all right, thanks for calling. dad's been arrested. >> man: billionaire victor newman confessed to the murder of his ex-wife diane jenkins. mr. newman turned himself over
Dec 7, 2011 9:00am PST
. this woman claims it happened to her and turns out, she may not be the only one. >>> nick's sweater yesterday generated a huge response from our team. viewers who want to know -- >> did a girlfriend leave it at your house at some point? >>> breakups can be very difficult. public breakups, can be the worst. >> oh. >> this is on the river line railroad in new jersey. the train has been stopped. this young girl -- >> oh. >> she is -- lays into her boyfriend because she claims he was cheating. >> [ bleep ]. [ inaudible ]. >> oh, my goodness. >> she gets on his shoulders, gets on the other side of him, and boot to the head. >> oh, my god. >> now, she's done beating him for the moment. spits in his face. he is not doing a thing. >> yeah, i got to -- >> taking every beating. >> we will be delayed. the police are on their way. >> i understand. >> i can't start until the cops get here. >> that does not deter her one bit. >> oh, my gosh. foot to the head. see what happens when the cops get there. >> oh, boy. >> you all, this is crazy! >> they can't handcuff her. it's a man and a woman. >> where does th
Dec 20, 2011 5:00am EST
. >> thank you. 51 degrees on tv hill. nick markakis makes the holiday brighter. and all expenses paid shopping spree. >> don't forget to e-mail us your response to our water cooler question of the day. what are your memories and reflections in light of the passing of ron smith? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> nick markakis need the holidays brighter for one family. he took them on a shopping spree at the target store in cockeysville, complete with a snazzy limo ride to the store. >> just seeing the smiles on their faces makes it all worthwhile. >> i am appreciative. take caring of the kids -- taking care of the kids. t. nick. like saying ne also donated coats -- they also donated coats. >> a man penalty layaway balances for 23 people. some of the purchases were for walmart employees. the generosity to many by surprise -- took many by surprise. >> i was in shock. he offered to pay off their balances. >> from santa claus. a real santa claus this year. >> dozens of retailers said they have had people c
FOX News
Dec 13, 2011 12:00am PST
this coming from you, nick. -- >> this coming from you, nick. i have known you for a couple years and your hair does not move. >> not unless i tell it to. and by the way, it can kill you. >> it is a collection of alien forces on his head. >> is mitt in a way out of touch with billionaires because the wager was too small for them? >> exactly. he is apeasing neither the poor nor the uber rich, like julie. i will take away from this, like a man takes things away, i want to strike from the record the phrase "career politician." nobody cares about that anymore. stop using it. perry laughs like a herky jerky animal, very w. he is doing this a lot with the shoulder shaky thing. and finally last i checked it is illegal to bet. that was not cool. that is not a good thing for our nation's youth, but i will say it has made me rethink mormonism. they can kind of rock. >> and i respect your stance on illegal behavior. >> thank you, thank you. >> if you only knew what he was doing in the garage. >> working on my cars. >> a couple of newt things before we move on. he did get an endorsement from gary by s
Dec 27, 2011 4:00pm EST
little clues about their kids, right? >> it's santa, nick. santa knows everything. >> there is one last message that santa wanted to deliver to everyone on the plane. he wants to remind everybody to recover some of our childhood innocence and start believing that anything and everything is possible. >> what a great message. i bet this changed so many christmass for so many people. >>> it's another one of those crazy, knock down the doors shopping videos. but this is no walmart. >> saks new york. saks new york. >> we'll show you what happened at -- >> saks new york. saks new york! >> yeah, that place. >>> this guy shows up at your house. what is he? >> he didn't seem too friendly. he was kind of pissy. >> bad attitude, red coat, something of a mask. what is he? guess that's not the point of the video. >> i guess he recycled them after. >>> of late we've seen crazy shppng vivideosof peop c into saw it over the air jordans, and we saw it on black friday. but the day after christmas, saks new york -- saks new york! this is what happened. >> go, go, go! this video comes to us from two blogg
Dec 15, 2011 4:00am PST
the stability and security of iraq. >> abc's nick schifrin is in baghdad this morning with more on this watershed moment for both countries. good morning to you, nick. >> reporter: good morning, rob. good morning, sunny. it defined george bush's presidency and helped ignite barack obama's rise. and almost $8 billion later, the u.s. presence in iraq is all but gone. the u.s.'s war in iraq is almost over. and sergeant larry green is headed home. a million men and women served here. 4,500 died. green survived four deployments. he was one of the first soldiers in. and one of the last out. >> leaving here, knowing that i started and i'm finishing. and that, you know, times were bad. we had some good times over here. but to say that i made it to the end. >> reporter: lieutenant shawn fox was 14 when the war began. today, he lives in one of saddam hussein's old palaces. he shares a room with his entire platoon. what do you have left? >> have left? pretty much have got my bag. just a bunch of clothes. and i guess the most important thing is my laptop over here. something to keep me sane
Dec 8, 2011 9:00am PST
truck. >>> nick, if i said i was getting ready to show you a pool dancing video, meet three pups -- >> i'm mad about pole dancing. >> well this girl's mad about it, too. meet the biggest star on the competitive circuit. >> we're all looking for ways to save money around christmas, right? >> see the secret to making a snow globe like the one i'm giving steven. >> yeah? >> yeah. >>> and danger lurks on a trail as an unsuspecting jogger passes by. >> whoa! >> who or what had this guy running for his life? >>> we begin our show today with video of a melee that happened just outside of new york. i want you to know that some of the people involved in this are minors. >> this all started when a group of teens from port richmond high school came to this neighborhood to confront a young girl, that they had been bullying. the mother had kept this girl out of school for the past five days. these students came wielding weapons. one with a b.b. gun, threatening this young girl. when the police arrived, two different officers showed up. as they tried to arrest the people who were there threatening thi
Dec 6, 2011 11:35pm PST
, for those with the patience and the detector-swinging technique to find it. and for nick watt, hard core treasure hobbyists are a "sign of the times." >> reporter: gigantic hoorlds are lurking under these english fields. buried treasure. two years ago, one hunter found a multimillion dollar stash of an schent gold. here, another guy found 53,000 roman coins. >> go both ways, you say okay. >> reporter: so, i took a crash course in metal detecting. >> i know a line this way. and in your mind you make a cross on the ground. >> reporter: this brotherhood with buzzing in their ears call themselves detectorists. these guys come all the way to england in search for treasure. >> there should be a date -- >> reporter: 1701. >> this is something that i'm not sure of. >> reporter: a couple of years ago, they had to tell one old timer to hang up his detector. >> he was 91 when we said it was, i think, too much. >> reporter: he was bringing girlfriends? >> yeah. he brought his girlfriend. he brought her twice. >> reporter: without any such distractions i was still struggling even in this field which
Dec 19, 2011 11:35pm PST
's biological evidence that parenting actually makes a male less macho. abc's nick watts puts the theory to the test. >>> and nip/tuck noel. it's the gift that keeps on giving. how plastic surgery has become the hottest item on some of this year's christmas lists. >>> good evening, i'm cynthia mcfadden. much of the world is on high alert tonight as the death of north korea's leader kim jong-il raises new questions about nuclear security. the deceased leader gave rise to a cult of personality, as well as chronic poverty and famine conditions within his own country that killed millions. but, might his death be an opportunity for a new kind of north korea? here's abc's david wright in south korea. >> reporter: he was the pint-sized dictator of a pariah country. with his finger on a nuclear trigger. whenever kim jong-il rattled his saber, as he did with some regularity, he'd fire off one of these. remember george w. bush's famous phrase? >> states like these and their terrorist allies constitute an axis of evil. >> reporter: he was talking about iraq, iran and north korea. and that was befor
Dec 30, 2011 11:35pm PST
to buy. here's nick schifrin with our series, "nightline investigates." >> reporter: down every rutted road in afghanistan, nothing scares u.s. troops more than this. an ied, just blew up beneath this truck. >> is everyone okay? >> reporter: ieds are the u.s.'s enemy number one in afghanistan. >> oh, my ears. >> reporter: they killed or wounded more than 8,000 american troops. and the numbers are getting worse. >> [ bleep ]. this is close as we get to the source of all our problems. ieds. >> reporter: meet this sar jet. he's an explosives technician, better known as a member of the bomb squad. >> it's like playing a game. who gets to it first? who makes it blow up first? us or them? >> looking to be a long night. but hopefully everybody makes it back here safe. >> reporter: that's his team leader. on 9/11, he was a freshman in high school. he joined the military after he graduated and deployed to eastern afghanistan six months ago. >> what really surprised me is the amount of ieds. probably over 200. >> reporter: one of those bombs killed this staff sergeant on the fourth of july. but
Dec 14, 2011 4:00pm EST
with some surveillance footage from a gas station. nick has the story behind this footage. >> this is some intense video from columbia, tennessee. comes to us from news channel 5. the person you see running into the store is laqish. she told police he tried to steal her key, she's running in to call for help. she knows what's coming, the owner, sarunda patel does not see what's coming right away. >> oh! >> 40-year-old eric whitaker came speeding into this convenience store, crashes right through the window, trying to run her down. no regard for anybody else in the store. mr. patel is hit. you can see in the video was hit almost directly. the truck glanced off a car on the outside of the convenience store, comes crashing through the windows. >> is he okay? >> mr. patel you see on the right side, gets up from underneath that debris and walks away. cuts and bruises, he's recovering at home. that's not the end of the story. >> what? >> there's more? >> oh, yeah. whitaker gets out of his truck and then looks underneath to see if he actually hit anyone. laqisha is there hiding behind the other s
Dec 13, 2011 11:00pm EST
they will get young back in the fold. want nick young back. is playingford, he like that is his job. >> i'm looking for it to go out there and start. nick is going to come back. >> a big run, i would love to see that. williams up one. down one, looking for the win. tip, tip, tip, on the third won. west potomac upstes tc williams, 51-50. watch this punt return. in the middle of the screen. matrix move. the grant goes crazy. are you serious? williams makes his move. our shot of the week. at 55. >> let's go to overtime. he made it! made it! a half-courter, he made it! a miracle! >> and not quite l. michaels -- al michales. a great shot. that is a look at sports. >> nothing matches the excitement. >> a miracle. >>> coming up, dozens of people up for a holiday tradition. causeod or creates another laptop bag, or hires another employee, it's not just good for business. it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact that local sinesses have on communities. that's why we extended $13.2 billion to small businesses across the country so far this year. because the more we
Dec 16, 2011 4:00am PST
, there are still many unanswered questions. abc's nick schifrin is in baghdad this morning for us. good morning to you, nick. >> reporter: good morning, rob. it's day one in post-war iraq. but that doesn't mean that this country is at peace. there's a lot of tension on the streets here. and a hope that a departure of u.s. troops brings less struggle and more success. u.s. troops are out. and business is in. this is the baghdad the iraqi government hopes will emerge. a construction expo, where companies jostle for contracts worth more than $100 billion. there is so much to build here. this was sadr city in 2008, the largest neighborhood in baghdad, and one of the most violent. militias used it to launch rockets at the u.s. embassy. the u.s. troops moved in and fought a huge battle. they won, but at great cost. this gives you a sense of how massive the cleanup operation is in sadr city. this is the edge of the jamilah market that saw two months of heavy fighting. now, the goal is to try to clean this up enough so people can shop here again. and this is that market today, bustling. there's no doub
Dec 12, 2011 5:30am EST
. aid relatively new nicks name for the second monday in december and online sales is expected to hit another billion dollars. monday is the busiest day for shippers like fed ex and ups. corinne redman is standing by live at a distribution sent wert latest. corinne. >> reporter: yeah, we are here live at fed ex and this center is huge. they are gearing up to pack up the fed ex trucks and this is the busiest day in history. they expect to ship more than 17 million packages today and have over 90,000 fed ex trucks on the road today. joining us live is don who is with fed ex today. tell me about what's going to go on here behind the scenes this morning. >> well, shortly after 6:00 we will get our belts rolling and conveyor belts will roll and the couriers will sort out what pee longs to their route and we will try to get everybody on the road as soon as possible. >> how -- >> reporter: how fast do things move do you know what to expect for today? we know what to expect and we planned for it today. everybody is pretty much geared up this time of year. it's a lot of excitement and energy.
Dec 16, 2011 8:00am PST
... of the water cooler. you're the best. liz, rock out to pandora. oh, no i'm an only child. and nick, you shouldn't even be here, you can do everything from the golf course. good? good. [ male announcer ] on at&t, blackberry® torch moves at the speed of 4g. ♪ >>> breaking news right now, new video into msnbc of mike mcqueary leaving court in harrisburg, pennsylvania. he gave graphic testimony about what he claims he saw in the showers between jerry sandusky and a young boy in 2002. mcqueary says it appears to have been a sexual act, basically sandusky raping a boy in those showers. he testified that the boy looked to be 10 to 12 years old. he also testified to the fact that both the boy and sandusky looked him in the eye. >>> you were running in massachusetts, took liberal positions, running now in position, you take more conservative positionsome that principle or is it just politics? >> well, i begin by taking exception with your list there i did change -- >> which one? >> gay rights. i am firmly in support of people not being discriminated against because of their sexual orientation. at the
Dec 13, 2011 7:00am PST
actor, nick swardson. that's him. >> i think so many people in this country are obsessed with celebrity. i was, too. and a lot of people are looking through that glass window, wishing they could be at the party. i'm glad for the opportunity. and i'm glad i haven't been arrested yet for doing it. but it's been a fun time. >> reporter: naturally, bob is now writing a movie about the experience. >> adam, i just cleaned your star. call me. >> reporter: for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, hollywood. >> you have his number. we reached out to paris and nick for our story. they declined to comment. >>> joining us now -- oh, my gosh. you two are historical. bob gray and liza foster. you happened to get this number. and what happens? >> it was the craziest thing. back in january, i wanted to get a california area code. and she wanted to keep her ohio number. but i snuck out and i changed it. that day that i changed it, the next day, it said i saw your stuff on tmz. what a bummer. tmz? whose phone did i get. i called the guy who texted me. and he told me it was nick's. wow, i got h
Dec 17, 2011 7:00pm PST
the world. i'm in washington d.c. and welcome to you all and thank you for watching. nick robertson is standing by live in london. nick covered the iraq war for many years and the british ended combat operations in iraq two years ago. so as the united states is looking back. and by the way for all the viewers watching, we will certainly be looking forward as well after all of this is over and what the u.s. military may have learned from it. what were the ramifications since then for them? >> the reasons that britain went to war is its peak had 46,000 troops in iraq. there was a lack of public support and a lot of criticism. one of the interesting things that has emerged from the inquiry that has been going on for more than two years now is and isn't expected to conclude until next summer. thes aer tags that he made that services had conclusive evidence of weapons of mass destruction in iran. that doesn't hold water. the general is going hear me. just now you were talking about wmd, clear evidence of it that saddam hussein could rebuild it. but one of the things and it is too soon to
Dec 29, 2011 9:00am PST
skateboarder, robo cop. >> yeah. what nick said. we're showing you how roller man makes it down the hill. this is andy's quick stop. and this car violates the quick stop rule by not stopping at all. >> whoa. >> see what happens to the guy. >> uh-oh, cat stuck on a utility pole. >> only a cat would do this. >> but wait, these guys to the rescue. what could possibly go wrong. you'll see a little later on. >>> it's time for -- straight talk with beth and steven. >> hey, cincinnati and west palm beach. can we talk openly? >> yeah, yeah, we noticed or our rating sheet here that not all of you watched all of yesterday's show. >> what's that about? >> yeah. >> we need you. >> yeah, san francisco, birmingham, and cleveland -- yeah. >> great job. >> you guys have done great. >> now cincinnati -- west palm beach, we think that you can do better. >> yeah. step it up a notch. now back to the show. >>> what you're looking at is a cold lava flow. this is in the island of tenate, which is in indonesia, one of the spice islands, about 29 square miles. they had a volcanic eruption on december 4th. nothin
Dec 14, 2011 8:00am PST
this arrest photo? actor nick nolte is now laming it wasn't really a mugshot at all. >>> and you probably see it everyday. drivers who are talking or texting and not watching the road. now a move is underway to ban cell phone use behind the wheel. >> do you text and drive? >> yes. i have to confess. >> call with the earpiece. no texting. >> idiots that can't drive are the ones talking on the phone. he wasn't focused on his future but fortunately, somebody else was. at usaa we provide retirement solutions for our military, veterans and their families. from investments... to life insurance... to health care options. learn more with our free usaa retirement guide. call 877-242-usaa. i have to confess. >>> now to a story that has gained international attention. an afghan woman who was in prison for adultery who has been raped was freed. she was sentenced to 12 years in prison after reporting that she had been raped by her cousin's husband. nick just spoke to her. nick, what did she say? >> reporter: well, she's obviously delight today have been released. officials went to her jail last night afte
Dec 2, 2011 4:00pm EST
to create jobs. and that the real job creators aren't big business or big wigs, it's the middle class. nick hanover is a venture capitalist and the cofounder of second avenue partners. he's also co-author of the new book, "the garns dens of democracy," in stores now. welcome, nick. thank you for taking the time. >> matt, thank you so much for having me. >> you're going to be the newer, hipper, younger version of the enlightened capitalist, the role warren buffett has played for so long. a lot of people were angered by the provocative bloomberg op-ed you had out yesterday that basically said a little redistribution could help create jobs right now. and you're not a marxist making this case, you're a successful entrepreneur. explain your thinking, sir. >> you know how people see the world is based on the assumptions they make about how it works. and most americans, certainly the republican party is in the grip of some very 19th century ideas about how the economy works. and they have this very sort of linear, mechanistic metaphor in their heads, that if you just poor money into reach people l
Dec 2, 2011 2:35am EST
's hostage. >> saying weinstein will not be released until their demands are met. abc's nick schifrin joins us from islamabad. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning, rob, sunny. warren weinstein is the first private american u.s. citizen to be living in pakistan to be kidnapped since daniel pearl was executed in 2002, a real shock to people here. weinstein is a respect ed development expert and 70 years old. his work was uncontroversial. he is focused on economic development working with people like furniture makers and stone cutters which makes al qaeda's demands all the more amazing. al-zawahiri has released this video with nine demands, israel leaving gaza, the end of drone strikes from pakistan and other countries and release of taliban and al qaeda prisoners from all over the world including guantanamo bay. and u.s. officials find the demands outlandish. >> nick, what does this say about the power of al qaeda in pakistan, they have had a lot off takes and they're pretty prevalent and powerful? >> absolutely this has been by far, al qaeda's worst year in pakistan. osama bin lade
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